Global's Mission

To provide our corporate clients and the general public with prompt, efficient, accurate, and secure information while remaining cost effective.

Proven Experience

With more than a decade of experience and significant worldwide resources, Global is a leading provider of background checks and due diligence services, on a domestic and international level.

What Makes Global Different

Global offers a comprehensive suite of services with both domestic and international coverage.  We deliver our reports faster and for less than our competitors.  We understand the value of direct communication.  Our customer service team is available before, during and after the search process to support our clients.

Worldwide Due Diligence Services

If you are making an investment, entrusting your money to someone else to manage, or entering into a new business relationship, it pays to do your due diligence. 

Global's Due Diligence service is available on both entities and individuals, domestically and worldwide.  Our due diligence services can also be leveraged as part of an internal operations risk assessment. 

Why Choose Global Backgrounds?

There are four reasons to choose Global as your preferred provider of background checks.

  1. Fast turnaround time - most of our domestic background check packages are delivered same day!

  2. Customer service - we are only a phone call away if you have questions before, during or after you order a background check package (877.70.GLOBAL pr 877.704.5622)

  3. Affordable pricing - our background check packages are created to be comprehensive in coverage while remaining cost effective

  4. Regulatory Compliance - we are well versed in all applicable regulations and we adhere to strict compliance standards for each of our background check packages

Background Check Overview

Global Backgrounds is proud to serve hundreds of businesses and consumers each day. We have the ability to interpret information with accuracy and speed to provide valuable data to our clients.

We use state of the art technology to manage our research efforts. Our solutions are cutting edge and compliant with all applicable regulations.  We are vertically integrated with our service partners as well as with most HR applicant tracking software solutions.  This allows us to offer a superior product, backed by a knowledgeable staff, at a very cost effective price.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 enterprise or a recent start up company, we welcome your business.   We can customize a background screening solution for any business. Corporate clients are able to save search favorites for easy re-ordering and also view results online.

Call us today to customize a package and receive a price quote.  Volume discounts are available.

Popular Background Check Packages

Regulatory Compliance

Over the last few years, regulatory complexity pertaining to when and how employers and landlords can use an applicant's information to make decision has increased dramatically.  The result of this increased complexity is many companies are unable to keep up with compliance, specifically with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  The penalties for not complying with the FCRA are significant.  In many cases, this results in a class action lawsuit where penalties can be in the MILLIONS! 

Global Backgrounds takes compliance with the FCRA and other regulations very seriously.  We do this to protect our clients and ourselves from unnecessary and undesirable liability.

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About Global Backgrounds

Global's goal is to provide its clients with the best available information in a timely manner and the security of knowing that they have thoroughly researched the decision at hand.   Whether you're making an investment, signing a contract or hiring strategic talent, it pays to be thorough.  We can't make the decision for you, but we can give you the best information available so that you can make it with confidence. 

Global Backgrounds has served Fortune 500 companies since 2001.  Our primary lines of business are Pre-employment Screening, Due Diligence, and Drug Testing. Our staff has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you. We offer something that is unique today, superior customer service. 

We partner with former law enforcement and intelligence professionals from organizations such as the CIA, FBI, IRS, State Police, Local Police and District Attorneys. 

Our team of experts stands ready to assist you.  Call or email us today  877.70.GLOBAL (877.704.5622)