Tenant Background Check Package

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Searches Included in this Package:

  1. Address History and Social Security Number Trace

  2. National Criminal Database and Sex Offender Search

  3. A criminal court records search in one county listed in the address history search up to 7 years.  Additional counties $9.95 per, up to 7 years, plus applicable court fees.

  4. A Federal criminal court search.

  5. Homeland Security Terrorist Watchlist (OFAC) Search

  6. Consumer Credit History Search (FCRA Compliant and for Corporate Entities Only)

  7. Prior Eviction Search

Turnaround Time: Same Day to 24 hours

Consent Needed: Yes

FCRA Compliane: Yes

Available on U.S. based individuals

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LANDLORD ADVISORY: Regulatory compliance

Saving a small amount now and paying for non-compliance later is bad choice

Other companies may sell Tenant Screening Packages for less than our package.  These companies do this by only performing database searches, where we go beyond the databases.  If you use their information deny tenancy to an applicant, you are in non-compliance with applicable federal regulations.  This non-compliance can result in fines ranging from $100 to $1,000 per occurrence. 

See an example of the financial penalty for non-compliance with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations:

Global's Tenant Background Check Package is fully compliant with all applicable regulations.  We ensure this by performing a comprehensive set of searches, which is why our package costs more.  We will not perform searches that are not in compliance with all applicable regulations.

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Note: Global's Package prices vary due to mandatory state fees (GA, KY, MI, NY)

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Search Details

  1.  Address History and Social Security Number Trace: This search provides the addresses where a subject has lived. This search aids in identifying counties a subject may have lived in but not reported as a previous address. The address history is important and necessary in order to conduct searches.  (This information comes from different sources and should not be considered an official search from the Social Security Administration or official verification of an applicant's social security number.)

  2. National Criminal Database and Sex Offender Search: This is a database search of more than 160 million criminal records from 47 states and the District of Columbia. This report provides information from courts, probation / parole and conviction records. This search also provides sex offender registrations from all 50 states. (NOTE: Information reported using this search must be verified by conducting a county criminal search in the county of offense, in order to remain FCRA compliant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA).)

  3. County or Statewide Criminal Record Search: This search includes physical verification of criminal records at the courthouse by a professional court researcher. The report includes an offense description, offense date, disposition date, sentencing information, filing date, case number, special notes and more.  We conduct this search in the most recent county the subject has reported a residence in. This is a seven year search which is in compliance with the FCRA rules.  Each additional county, if requested by you, is $9.95 per plus any applicable county court fees.

  4. Homeland Security Terrorist Watchlist Search (OFAC): This search contains results from 45 different national and international law enforcement agencies including but not limited to the FBI, CIA, State Department, International Police (Interpol) and Homeland Security. (This is not an international search)

  5. U.S. Federal Criminal Court Search: This search is for United States Federal District Courts only (Federal Crimes). This search searches District Court records from 1992 - present for any conviction or pending case information. This search can be conducted at an individual district court or as a nationwide U.S. district court search.

  6. Consumer Credit History Search (FCRA Compliant): For corporate entities only

  7. Prior Eviction Search: This search uncovers prior evictions

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