Employment Screening Services and Tenant Screening Services for Corporate Clients


If your business conducts a high volume of background checks, pre-employment screening or tenant screening, Global Backgrounds has the appropriate solution specific to your needs.  In addition to significant volume discounts for our corporate clients, we offer multiple methods of operation.  Corporate clients can either order searches and view results directly online through a self-service portal or they can send us the information and we will email a report back as soon as it is completed.

Turnaround Time

Our turnaround time for most searches is same day to 24 hours, depending upon the complexity of the search and any records that need to be validated before reporting to our clients.


For our corporate clients, pricing is tiered based on volume. Please contact us to discuss your company's annual volume and applicable pricing. 

877.70.GLOBAL (4-5622) or contact@globalbackgrounds.com

Client Web Portal Demo

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