Domestic and International Due Diligence Reports

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Due Diligence delivers detailed and comprehensive information, provides transparency, and enables better decision making.  Information can give you an advantage if you know something that others don't. Furthermore, uncovering a piece of data that is intentionally being hidden from you can be a game changer. 

Global offers worldwide coverage and our reports are available on both individuals and businesses, in more than 250 countries and territories. see our coverage map

What's Delivered in a Report?

Our reports deliver all available information in the following categories; criminal, civil, credit, financial, and media.  For individual reports, we can also validate recent employment and education history if provided. 

Our reports start with an executive summary of the findings, enabling you to quickly understand the important information without having to read through all of the detailed data.  Backing up the executive summary are all of our detailed findings.  Our reports comply with all applicable regulations.

Example Uses

Our reports are often requested by our clients as they analyze information to make important business decisions.  The findings contained in the report help our clients make sound decisions, based on reliable information and facts.  Our client base spans a wide number of industries.  However, what is common across all of our clients is the need for detailed information on individuals, businesses, and investors.  Below are several specific examples of how our reports can be utilized.

An individual consumer may order our due diligence report as part of:

  • The process of investing in a hedge fund, investment fund, or private equity fund
  • A risk analysis for a potential investment or purchase of a small or medium sized business
  • Evaluation of an angel investment in a startup company, individually or as part of a group of angel investors
  • The decision process to enter into a partnership with another person(s)
  • While performing hedge fund due diligence

An asset manager may order our due diligence report as part of:

  • Performing an internal hedge fund operational review
  • Conducting new hire screening as part of a comprehensive background check package
  • Evaluating potential investment opportunities
  • Screening potential partnerships for capital, property or legal risk

 A company may order our due diligence report as part of:

  • Processing a new hire screening package  
  • An annual employee or business risk assessment
  • Processing vendor submissions as part of the selection process
  • Operational due diligence investigation
  • Company business as it evaluates potential international business partners

Example Findings

Individual Due Diligence

If you were thinking about hiring an applicant that played a key role in your firm's investment decision making or operations team, how would the following information improve your decision?

  • An person representing himself as in school, earning an MBA, was in fact in Federal Prison on drug related charges

  • A person representing herself as working for a top tier technology company for a 12 month period, was actually a temporary worker, hired from a staffing agency, for a temporary 2 month assignment

  • An person is a convicted sexual offender

  • An person is applying for a position managing the firm's money, but has filed for personal bankruptcy multiple times

  • If an individual has an international criminal record

Note: some regulations restrict what information can be gathered on specific types of employees.  Global is constantly monitoring the complex and frequently changing regulatory environment and is able to discuss with you, any location specific regulations.  Additionally, companies are advised to consult with their own counsel regarding the regulations.

Investment Due Diligence

If you were thinking about making a significant investment a medium sized company, how would the following information improve your decision?

  • The business has undisclosed civil judgments against it for hundreds of thousands of dollars

  • Three of the top sales people have just registered a new corporation together

  • The CFO has a criminal record for theft by check of more than $20,000

  • The firm's auditor is represented as a large company, but is really a single man operation

  • The CEO really doesn't have an MBA from the Ivy League school as the company states in her bio

If you find this type of information valuable, call us before you make your next investment or enter into a business relationship!

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*For United States based subjects, mandatory state and county fees additional, where applicable. First court docket research included. Additional court docket research $24.95 per.