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Due Diligence delivers detailed and comprehensive information, provides transparency, and enables better decision making.  Information can give you an advantage if you know something that others don't. Furthermore, uncovering a piece of data that is intentionally being hidden from you can be a game changer.

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Turnaround Time: 1-3 Days

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What's Delivered in a Report?

Global's Due Diligence reports start with an executive summary of the findings, enabling you to quickly understand the important information.  Backing up executive summary are all of our detailed findings.  Our reports comply with all applicable regulations.

Example Findings

If you were thinking about making a significant investment a medium sized company, how would the following information improve your decision?

  • The business has undisclosed civil judgments against it for hundreds of thousands of dollars

  • Three of the top sales people have just registered a new corporation together

  • The CFO has a criminal record for theft by check of more than $20,000

  • The firm's auditor is represented as a large company, but is really a single man operation

  • The CEO really doesn't have an MBA from the Ivy League school as the company states in her bio

If you find this type of information valuable, call us before you make your next investment or enter into a business relationship!

*If and when necessary, physical observations and reference interviews are available.

Mandatory state and county fees additional, where applicable.

First court docket research included. Additional court docket research $24.95 per.